Gifts to buy a book lover in 2021

If you know someone who loves to read, the chances that they own most new releases is very high. So what do you buy a book lover?

There are a range of gifts that most readers would love. I have listed some of my favourites below.

1. Bookish Mug

I love this mug and I think it would be a really popular gift to give to any bookworm. Even if they don’t drink hot drinks, I know a lot of people who collect things like this and display them on their shelves. It’s a really cute design. There are many other options too if the person you’re gifting isn’t a fan of romance (as pictured), including classic fiction. There’s something for all kinds of book tastes.

Cost: £8.99

Where can I buy it?
Romance: Words and Kisses
Classic: Miss Bohemia

2. Gift set

Literary Emporium do the best gifts, including pins, fancy book editions and bookish t-shirts. If you didn’t want to buy the gift set that has them all in one box, they do sell them all separately online too. It’s the perfect gift!

Cost: £38

Where can I buy it?

Literary Emporium

3. Personalised bookmark

Bookworms are always in need of a bookmark. Whether they dog ear the pages or are using receipt as a substitute, a bookmark will always go down well. The personal touch of adding their name or even their favourite character’s name would be a really nice touch too. I love the fact there’s real flowers inside the resin too.

Cost: £6.99

Where can I buy it?

Dollz Confetti

4. Book themed candle

These candles have the most wonderful scents and are really pretty too, with bright colours and sometimes glitter. Each candle has a bookish theme, whether it be related to a fantasy book or cosy scent to get you in the right mood to read. They also do limited edition scents which would make the gift that much more special. I’ve had a few of these candles and they’re definitely as good as they sound.

Cost: £8

Where can I buy it?

Grace and Honey

5. Reading Journal

I had this exact reading journal for Christmas and I adore it. It not only has sections to write your thoughts on your current read and rate it but it also has book recommendations. There’s lots of pictures and information about popular books in different sections of the journal too.

Cost: £10.05

Where can I buy it?

The Literary Gift Company


What are some of your favourite gifts to buy a book lover? Let me know by commenting below. I’m also on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – @bookwormhirl_24

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