Review: Foxlowe by Eleanor Wasserberg



Green and Blue are sisters.

Foxlowe is home. Outside is Bad.

Green understands.

Why can’t Blue?


Eleanor Wasserberg has managed to create a world we all fear in her debut novel Foxlowe. It is a dark and twisted Gothic novel that is impossible to put down.

The story is narrated by Green, a young woman who lives with her sister, Blue, and a few other brainwashed fanatics. They all live in Foxlowe, a damp, rotten, run-down house, in an unknown English town.

Green doesn’t understand how the world works. She was brought up in a cult and fears the outside world. As a result of this, it was hard at times to know what was going on. Since it is told from her perspective, the reader shares her lack of awareness and is left in the dark.

Green has been deluded into thinking that everything beyond the walls of Foxlowe is bad. Everyone who lives in the house believes “Bad” will attack them and is drawn to young children.

Foxlowe is an unsettling and abusive place for young children but Green doesn’t see this side of the commune. She was brought up as an abused and manipulated child and thinks that is the correct way to live and behave.

The style of writing is different from what I’m used to reading. But I really liked it. Since it’s coming from the perspective of someone who has never learned to read or write, it is written in a child-like and naïve manner. This was a good contribution to the story  as it allows us as readers to step into their world at Foxlowe.

The ending is very dark and unnerving. But it showed what a talented writer Wasserberg is. Once I finished the book, I felt rattled and couldn’t stop thinking about the plot and the characters.

Rating: 4/5

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