Is the Reading in Heels book subscription worth the cost?

I have always wondered if book subscriptions are worth the money. Will I already have the book? Are the products that special?

This month, I have decided to find out if subscription service Reading in Heels is really worth the cost.

It promises to deliver a handpicked book, plus four to five gifts, through the post for just 10 pounds a month (plus postage and packaging).

What was in the box?

1. The book: Stories We Tell Ourselves by Sarah Françoise.

Price online: £8.99

I had never heard of this book before but it is my cup of tea and I would have purchased it if I had come across it in a shop. It is Christmas themed which is perfect for this time of year and it seems to have good reviews. What I loved when researching various subscriptions online was that Reading in Heels seemed to select new(ish) books so it is unlikely I would have already had it. I’m looking forward to reading it.


Frank and Joan’s marriage is in trouble. Having spent three decades failing to understand each other in their unfinished house in the French alps, Joan’s frustrations with her inattentive husband have reached breaking point. Frank, retreating ever further into his obscure hobbies, is distracted by an epistolary affair with his long-lost German girlfriend. Things are getting tense. But it’s Christmas, and the couple are preparing to welcome home their three far-flung children.

The children, though, are faring little better in love themselves. Maya, a gender expert mother-of-two, is considering leaving her family and running off with a woman; Wim is considering leaving his girlfriend; and Lois, who spends her time turning war documentaries into love poems, is facing a change of heart.

2. Coco Chocolatier Isle of Skye Salt Milk

Price online: £4.50

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This milk chocolate with a dash of sea salt is delicious. There’s a lot of it too, so it should last until the book is finished!

3. Vitamasques gold sheet mask

Price online £5.99

I’m not one for wearing face masks and I would probably never pay six pounds for one either. But if this is something you would invest your money in normally, you would be thrilled to get it for a bargain price with some other unique and lovely gifts. Even if you wouldn’t wear this, someone you know might and it could make a nice little gift.

4. St Eval Scented Candle (One tea light)

Price online: £0.63 (£5.68 for a pack of nine tea light candles).

Words cannot do this candle justice. Before I even opened the box there was a strong smell of nutmeg, cinnamon and Christmassy goodness in the air. Although it is small, the candle burns for a good six hours. This is something I would have purchased so it’s definitely a favourite.

5. Bespoke notepad

Price online: unknown

This notepad is a nice addition. It’s a pretty pink colour and has a quote from Jack Kerouac on the front. Normally, I wouldn’t have bought this for myself but I think it would be great for taking down memos or even ideas for blog posts.

How much did the product cost overall and how much did I save?

This box is a bargain. If the products were all bought separately (without counting the price of the notepad or postage) it would have come to around £20.11. The box allows us to save more than £10 on the products.

The December box did not disappoint and is something I would recommend to my friends. It was advertised as a Christmas edition and was filled with all kinds of indulgent treats. It is perfect as a gift which can be bought on a monthly bases or a yearly subscription. Since purchasing this box I am now excited to open the next one in January.

Would you purchase this? Tell me what you thought about the box by commenting below or send me a tweet @bookwormgirl_24. 

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