7 tips on how to read more


We all have busy lives and it can be hard to find the time to read a book.

Here are some tips that might help you read more.

1. Don’t finish the book (DNF)

If you’re hating your current read, the chances are it’s become more of a chore than a hobby so close it and put it back on the shelf, or even better donate it to someone who will enjoy it. Continuing a book you hate will result in a reading slump for sure.

2. Scrap the TBR (To be read) piles

While they work for some, they’re just a stressful, off putting heap for others. I used to set my books for the month in advance but I’m a mood reader so I found myself dreading all the books I had to read.

3. Set a daily goal

I like to challenge myself to 50 pages a day. What I find is that I end up reading more than that once I get into the swing of things.

4. Put your phone away

You know it’s only causing an unnecessary distraction. If we spend the same amount of time reading as we do on our phones then we would get a lot more done.


5. Take a book wherever you go

You’ll be surprised how often you’re sat or are waiting with nothing to do. Whether it’s on a train to work or during a lunch break. This one might be more difficult, what with us not going anywhere due to Covid-19, but you could still read your book at lunchtime or an hour before your shift starts.

6. Listen to audiobooks 

They’re hit and miss but if you sample the narrator before you buy or loan a book from the library then you can listen to your book while doing practically anything else at the same time. Ironing, washing the dishes and running errands just got a lot more fun!

7. Read something you enjoy, not what people expect you to read

You won’t get any reading done if you try to read a book you find boring.

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7 thoughts on “7 tips on how to read more

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this ♡ I’m pretty sure I already told you about my current reading slump so I’m definitely going to try these tips! I used to take a book everywhere with me and I really need to start doing that again, it helps a lot.

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