Would You Rather? Book Tag

I was tagged by Emma from Never Judge a Book by Its Cover to do this tag.

The Rules

1. Answer the questions given to you by your nominator

2. Make your own questions and tag others

1. Would you rather wait to buy your favourite series/book in an edition that matches on your bookshelf or read the book in any edition because your desperate to read it?

I’m not too bothered if they match as long as the story is good. And if it’s a book I’m really excited to read then I’m definitely buying it as soon as I can.

2. Would you rather read a series as they come out or wait until all books have been published to binge read them?

Binge them all in one go. If it’s a good story I want to find out straight away what is happening.

3. Would you rather finish the late library book with 50 pages left and pay the £100 fine for being overdue and you can’t borrow it again, or return before the due date?

Hmm. It can’t have been that good if I didn’t finish it by the end of the loan! So I’m going to say I’d give it back as it’s not worth £100.

4. Would you rather be in Adarlan (Throne of Glass) or Prythian (A Court of Thorns and Roses)?

I’m ashamed to say I have never read this series. Who would you choose?

5. Would you rather read 3 300 pages books or 1 beast book of 900 pages?

Definitely 3 books that are 300 pages long because then I get to consume lots of different stories. I also prefer shorter books as I get bored easily.

6. Would you rather be a Cullen (Edward) or a Quileute (Jacob)?

A Cullen I think because I didn’t like that the werewolf’s could imprint on young children… thought that was very creepy.

7. Would you rather read the book or watch the movie first?

Definitely the book first. I think there’s always so much more happening in the book and the majority of the time the book is better than the film.

8. Would you rather have rewarded a lifetime worth of books or a lifetime of time reading books?

Lifetime of time because there is not enough time to read all the books I want to read as it is.

9. Would you rather read a hyped book and avoid spoilers or wait and be susceptible to spoilers?

I don’t tend to rush into a book just because it’s hyped any more. Also, I don’t mind spoilers as much as some people. Weirdly, when I was younger I used to read the ending of a book first to see if I would like it. So I think I would pick wait and read the book when I’m ready even if there’s spoilers lurking around.

10. Would you rather be in the tv adaption of your favourite book or the fictional world of your favourite book?

My favourite books is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and I don’t particularly fancy living in those times. But I guess being in the adaption would be fun so I’ll pick that one.

My questions:

1. Would you rather read only thrillers for the rest of your life or fantasy novels?

2. Would you rather read only one 5 star book every 5 years or read 1 star books every day for 5 years?

3. Would you rather own an exclusive edition of a book or get a book signed by your favourite author?

4. Would you rather read a book that is 1000 pages long or a book with no chapters?

5. Would you rather someone borrow your book and not give it back or someone borrow your book and give it back damaged?

6. Would you rather read a book where the ending is cut out or a book where the start is missing?

7. Would you rather be your favourite character or be friends with them?

8. Would you rather live in a fictional world or have a new book be released in a series you thought had ended?

9. Would you rather deckled edges or painted pages?

10. Would you rather meet your favourite author or meet the actor who played your favourite character?

I tag Aoife, Eleanor, Noura and Estelle to take part next!

What would your answers to these questions be? Anyone is welcome to answer the questions in the tag.

I’m also on Instagram and Twitter – @bookwormgirl_24

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