5 authors I always auto-buy, including Sophie Kinsella and Gillian Flynn


There are some authors’ work that I love so much that I will immediately buy and read their next book.

When I was younger, it would have been a guarantee that I would pick up all of Jaqueline Wilson’s books as and when they were released. Now though, I have a different selection of writers who I absolutely adore.

Robert Dinsdale

I fell in love with Dinsdale’s writing after devouring The Toy Makers. As soon as I finished that novel I scoured the internet for all of the other books he has written. His stories are beautifully written, filled with magic and usually set in the past.

His latest book, Paris by Midnight comes out later this year and I honestly cannot wait.

Read my review of The Toy Makers here.


Holly Jackson

Crime novels and thrillers are books I have always enjoyed but I’ve haven’t been blown away by a thriller like A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder in such a long time.

The sequel Good Girl, Bad Blood is just as good. I really hope the author writes more books because she is such a clever storyteller and her plots are so gripping.

Read my review of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder here.

Sophie Kinsella

This author was one of the first books I read that was aimed at adults. After finishing Confessions of a Shopaholic I was hooked. My absolute all-time favourite book by this author is Can You Keep a Secret? I think I’ve read it about 100 times.

I’ve since bought and read all of her books, including the ones under her real name Madeline Wickham, and am eagerly awaiting for the release of Love Your Life which will be released later this year.

Read my review of Can You Keep a Secret? here.


Angie Thomas

I really love the characters Angie Thomas creates in her books and her writing style is really easy to read. I also think what she writes is very important and everyone should read her novels. After reading The Hate U Give I waited eagerly for On the Come Up to be released and now I can’t wait for her next book which I think might be out sometime this year.

Read my review of The Hate U Give here.

Gillian Flynn

What I love about Gillian Flynn’s books is the fact that the characters are always so dark and the stories are so twisted and unexpected.

My personal favourite is Sharp Objects which I think is just pure genius and creepy at the same time. I really hope she writes another book soon because she’s definitely my go-to thriller author as her novels are impossible to put down.

Read my review of Sharp Objects here.

Who are your auto-buy authors? Let me know by commenting below. I’m also on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – @bookwormgirl_24

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