April 2021 reading update

Last month I got into a bit of a reading slump and took a little break from blogging. But I’m excited to start writing and reviewing more books. I thought I would do a little wrap-up of all the books I’ve read recently.

What book did I last read?

Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas, is a wonderful prequel to The Hate U Give (THUG). I loved reading about Starr’s parents and what they were like as teenagers. We see Maverick navigate life as a teenage father and how he tries to figure out the right direction for his own life, away from life in the local gang. The author always manages to create really interesting and realistic family dynamics. I really enjoyed this one but I would definitely recommend reading it after THUG.

The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary is another book I recently read and thoroughly enjoyed. It’s about five people who end up having to travel to a wedding together in the same car. There’s a lot of history as two of the main characters used to be in a relationship. But things didn’t end very well. It’s awkward, funny and a really heartwarming read. I loved how it flicked from past to present through the eyes of two narrators, Addie and Dylan.

Heartstopper Volume 4 by Alice Oseman blew me away. The author’s illustrations are incredible and the story is, as always, so captivating. This one does have a trigger warning for mental illness and eating disorders as the main character, Charlie, is navigating how to get treatment. I really enjoyed reading more about Nick and Charlie’s relationship and their friends.

Loveless by Alice Oseman was another book I read recently and it was a great read. It follows Georgia as she heads off to university, with the hope of discovering herself. She’s always felt different from other people and wonders if she will ever fall in love. The story is about her self-discovery and what it means not to have any sexual attraction or desire. I loved the emphasis on how important friends are throughout this book.

Have you read any of these books? Let me know by commenting below. You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest- @bookwormgirl_24

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