Review: The Book Club by C. J. Cooper


The book club was her idea, of course.

It was her way into our group. A chance to get close.

I knew from the day she arrived that she couldn’t be trusted.

And I was right.

Alice didn’t come to the village for peace and quiet.

My thoughts:

There were parts of this book that I enjoyed. The writing was good and I found the characters interesting, particularly as they all had some sort of secret they were hiding from one another.

Lucy is the main character. Straight away it is revealed she is flawed. But she struggles internally with the life choices she has made in the past. I enjoyed the chapters where she was the narrator as I think a thriller is fun when the main character is quite unreliable.

That being said, I was confused by the structure of the book to start with because it starts with the first chapter being written in first person, where we see Lucy’s perspective and then every other chapter was written in third person. With this we read the book like a film, where the author gives an insight into the lives of all the characters and what they were up to when they were away from Lucy.

While this was an interesting addition, I was expecting it to have more of a reason behind it because I’ve never seen anything like that before. It was difficult to get into at the start but the more I read, the easier it became. For me, too much of the story was told too soon, and the plot twist you anticipate with a thriller wasn’t anything special and didn’t make sense to me.

Alice, the villain of the story, seemed quite unrealistic. While she intended to cause problems for Lucy, it didn’t necessarily make sense why she targeted the rest of the book group just because they had befriended Lucy. I did like that we knew who the villain was early on though, to some extent, as it allowed for more speculation as to why she was so abbreviated by Lucy. But the motive wasn’t worth the wait.

The book club idea for a thriller novel sounds really intriguing to me, hence why I picked this up. However, the book club wasn’t a massive part of the story. There is also a reason the book club was selected as well as the books they chose to read, which was done well. But I just expected more.

Usually I enjoy a psychological thriller, but this one seemed too slow-paced for me. That’s not to say others wouldn’t enjoy it.

Maybe I’m being too harsh on this book because I expected more of a shock factor and a twist. I will say the characters were interesting to read about and the writing was very good, it just didn’t have me gripped.

Rating: 2 stars

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