Review: You Again by Debra Jo Immergut


Disclaimer: I have been given a free copy of this book by Titan Books in exchange of an honest review 


Abigail Willard first spots her from the back of a New York cab: the spitting image of Abby herself at age twenty-two—right down to the silver platforms and raspberry coat she wore as a young artist with a taste for wildness. But the real Abby is now forty-six and married, with a corporate job and two kids. As the girl vanishes into a rainy night, Abby is left shaken. Was this merely a hallucinatory side effect of working-mom stress? A message of sorts, sent to remind her of passions and dreams tossed aside? Or something more dangerous?

As weeks go by, Abby continues to spot her double around her old New York haunts—and soon, despite her better instincts, Abby finds herself tailing her look-alike. She is dogged by a nagging suspicion that there is a deeper mystery to figure out, one rooted far in her past. All the while, Abby’s life starts to slip from her control: her marriage hits major turbulence, her teenage son drifts into a radical movement that portends a dark coming era. When her elusive double presents her with a dangerous proposition, Abby must decide how much she values the life she’s built, and how deeply she knows herself.

My thoughts:

You Again is a really original read that will have the reader captivated until the very end with its bewildering yet intriguing plot and fascinating characters.

This is a psychological thriller which follows forty-something Abby who spots her twenty-year-old self while sat in the back of a taxi. As her present day life starts to unravel, with her son ending up at the police station, worries about her life choices creeping into her mind and her marriage to her husband Dennis hitting troubled waters, she can’t help but look back on her past.

The best characters in any book are the problematic ones. I found myself rooting for the main character but also questioning her actions at the same time. The fact she isn’t perfect, seemingly having something wrong with her mind and continuing on a downward spiral all added to the charm of the book. As Abby is an unreliable narrator it makes the novel that much more alluring because it is impossible to know who to trust or know what is going on.

Abby deals with a lot of past trauma and one of the most noticeable things from the start of the book is that something isn’t quite right with her mind. Whether that be a psychological thing or more of a physical problem with her brain is one of the questions put in the reader’s mind straight from the get go. The small snippets of doctors notes are a nice incorporation too.

It is a really quick read and one of the reasons for this is the style in which it is written. There are many diary entries from Abby dating back to 2015. Without giving too much away, there are also notes from doctor sessions and medical emails being sent back and forth. As someone who prefers short chapters, the style of this book is very appealing.

The book does jump back and forth from different times in her life. This can be confusing at times but I think that’s the point of the book because it shows that the protagonist seems lost and is in search of herself. It’s one of those novels where the reader will constantly be trying to figure out which way the story is going to go, only for something completely unexpected to pop up.

This book doesn’t shy away from discussing all topics, whether it be Abby’s love of art or her son’s involvement in Antifa. Sometimes it did feel like too much was going on outside of the main plot, however, overall it was a really enjoyable read.

If you love a book that you can devour in one sitting, with many great twists and turns, then this is definitely the book for you.

Rating: 4/5

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