Audible Review: the pros and cons

As someone who loves audiobooks, I have done a huge amount of research to see which platform has the best selection of books for the best value for money. Since I found Audible to be the best site for me, I thought I would do a little review and compare it to a couple of other sites.


1. Audible has a huge amount of books available in audio format

I’ve tried Scribd and Kobo but Amazon’s catalogue is a lot better, with a wide range of audiobooks available in every genre. A lot of big authors have audiobook release dates on the same day as their hardback publication days.

2. Audible credits work out cheaper than if you wanted to purchase a one-off audiobook

The cost of an audiobook can usually be higher than £20. With Audible’s cheapest package, you get one book a month, or credit towards a book you want to buy in the future, for just £7.99. Bargain!

3. Audible allows you to save credits for a later date

The best part about the service is that you aren’t obliged to use your credit every month. You can wait until a book you fancy reading comes out. It’s a great feeling when you log into the app to discover you have a handful of books you’re able to purchase with the saved up credits.

4. If you decide to cancel your membership you won’t lose the books you’ve already purchased 

This is one of the things that stands out a lot compared to other companies who appear to be more similar to a library service. With Scribd, as one example, once your subscription ends so does your access to previous books you have downloaded.

Every book on Audible is a product bought by the customer and even if you have to end a subscription for a month due to being low on funds, the books bought will remain in the reader’s library.

5. Audible allows you to gift a friend for free 

If you’ve already bought a book from the site before, whether you have read it or not, you can pass it on to someone else who has never been gifted an audiobook before. The person being gifted can only be gifted once but the one sending books can give to as many people as they want.


1. If you run out of credits, then you have to wait another month for more books or pay extra

This is slightly different to the likes of Scribd where you can read as many books as you wish in a month. Audible does allow you to buy more books but if you are someone who uses all your credits every month, you might be playing a waiting game for the next one to roll around.

2. You can’t buy a book directly from the app

I don’t know if this is a safety precaution but readers are encouraged to use the app to listen to the audiobooks. So it would make it easier, and more sense, if it was possible to make purchases from the app. Especially as the option to browse titles is available on the app.

What are some of your favourite audiobooks?

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